an Ikea frame hack, inspired by Sarah Richardson

When I visited the 2011 Interior Design Show I fell in love for the pink flamingo print in a bright yellow frame in Sarah and Theo Richardson’s booth. It combined two colours, Honeysuckle which is the colour of the year, but also with Yellow, the colour of the Summer. 🙂 The print, purchased at Chair Table Lamp wasn’t available for purchase but the inspiration was ignited and I set out to find a way to have the print.

I found the print online at and sprayed the IKEA Ribba (40 x 50cm) frame yellow with Valspar Gloss Yellow Paint from Lowes.

Because I’m particular, I replaced the matting that the IKEA frame came with, with a new white mat that I cut on my mat cutter, choosing to rest the print ontop of the mat, instead of behind it. I love, love it.

Goes to show you how you can hack a simple IKEA frame with a can of spray paint.

TIP: Choosing the Print High vs. Low
The 30 x 41 size print is from at $39.95. There are a number of John Audubon Flamingo Prints to choose from, ranging from $12.99 and up, but I’m really in love with the print I have, the print colours are stunning, and the paper quality is a gorgeous watercolour paper. The one I chose was item #6269792  Edit: Since buying the print, the price went up from $39.95 to $49.95 (not sure why) but they often have sales.

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