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Framing Project: Oscar’s Bow Tie

I’m on a roll now that we have a Mat Cutter in our house. I’m finally adding things to the frames. Some frames, like this one, have been sitting unused for years. Here is a piece I did for the basement.

I framed Oscar’s first bow tie! I now smile whenever I pass by this frame. For this frame I didn’t want to glue the bow tie to the matting, as there is also a lot of material, and I also didn’t want to ruin the bow tie. Here is what I did.

1. I took the old matting that came with the frame, and traced it’s dimensions onto a NEW piece of mat.
2. I cut a piece of white mat to the same size as the old matting dimensions
3. I drew on the back of the matting 2 lines where I wanted to create “slits”. These slits were going to be where I fed through the bow tie.
4. I used my slicer tool (the same one that I used to cut the mat to size) and sliced 2 small lines in the middle of the mat where I had decided and marked out prior
5. I fed through the bow tie and tied it on the opposite side, replaced the matting and was done.

And there you had it, a fun little piece of art. (I’ll show you how to use the mat cutter in more depth in an upcoming post) xo Lindsay

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