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Oscar’s Birthday weekend was great fun. There are so many different elements to the weekend that I thought I’d break them into a few posts as each element is unique and special.

Leading up to the weekend, our house was filled with the sweet scent of lilacs from our garden, or maybe it was all of the icing sugar floating through the air as I made desserts. Although the birthday boy got little sugary treats himself, no birthday party is complete without cake. And although I made a cake (I’ll do another post on that…) with the success in my kitchen of my 5 Minute Cake Pop, I decided to venture into new territory…

Honestly, I’m addicted now to these things. This time, instead of sticking lollipop sticks into the timbits, I dunked the donut holes into the icing and placed them on wax paper. Next, I put a smartie, and then sprinkled some sprinkles onto the top. Pop them into the fridge and maybe an hour later take them out. The wax paper makes them VERY easy to peel off. (See original recipe and post here)

You can see in the VERY bottom photo there was a lot of icing that had pooled around the bottom of the ball. But the pooled icing is missing from the top. To remove the pooled icing, I took scissors and gently cutting away the excess. (I worried that by using my hand, the pressure may rip the ball)

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