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Behind the Scenes at Silva

We just picked the fabric for the dining room chairs. You all know how awesome I am at making quick decisions when it comes to fabric. 🙂 When I went to Silva, I got to have a sneak peek behind the scenes. Let me put this into perspective – A teenager would freak out being on a TV set of their favourite television show, I was flipping out seeing reupholstery. Maybe it’s just me, but seeing a warehouse of upholstery, fabric options, and possibilities was pretty darn cool.


I would go Bananas for that couch. Ba-na-nas.


Here is a little fun fact – Love Sarah Richardson? Watch Sarah 101? Did you follow Design Inc or Sarahs House? You’ve seen her bring her furniture for re upholstery….this is the spot. And this is also where her line of furniture is made. So if you know Sarah loves it — it’s gotta be well made.

They showed me how their furniture is constructed.


Couch frames awaiting the fabric selection



As I got the tour, I was told of the beginnings of the company – Eugene Silva started the company in his garage in the 1980’s recovering furniture. And when you walk through the factory, there was something strangely warm about the atmosphere, perhaps knowing it is still a family company. It just makes me really excited for our chairs, knowing they are coming from somewhere where each chair is made with such care.  I really enjoyed seeing behind the scenes so thought you would too.

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