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Basement Bathroom Shower

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We finally got around to installing the shower set in our bathroom! Oscar wasn’t feeling well this week and just wanted to be in my arms, so Aubrey took the time to install the shower set in the bathroom as Oscar and I watched. To see water coming out was so exciting. The little things are sometimes soooo awesome.

We installed a Moen Set purchased at Home Depot.We felt slightly rushed picking the set as our Plumber told us the day before he came that we needed to go out and find a style we wanted so he could rough it in. I was under the impression that a rough in could be a standard thing ….. and you pick the set later. But I was corrected. (Although I would still like to research this more) Regardless, I’m happy with the look.

Next up we have to seal the tiles! We’d love to add in a glass partition wall but sadly it is out of the budget right now. But the shower can be used if we install a tension rod & shower curtain. More reveals of it coming soon!

Tip: What I did know is that I wanted a toe kick part for the shower stall. Why? I though if we, or the next owners of our house have 4 legged friend you could wash their feet in here. If Oscar gets muddy boots, I could wash it here, or fill up a tub of water using the toe kick part without getting sprayed by the shower head.

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    Sharon Witmer
    April 4, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    Do you recall where you purchased the tile for the shower wall, shower floor, and the bathroom flooring? And what the style names/makes were. I really like the look and am getting ready to redo my basement bathroom. Thank you!

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    August 20, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    If you were to do a niche in this shower…what tile do you think you would use for the inside?! Lol! I love this entire design but can’t quite figure out how to include a niche without making it look too busy!

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