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The last two years in January we’ve been….

One thing I like to do is to look back at photos to see what we were doing at this time, last year, and the year before that.So here are the last years in the month of January…..

january 1
January 2008 – Move Time!
We were packing up our little-awesome apartment, as well as we were trecking back and forth between Yonge + Eglinton to the Beaches every day to do renos.

january 2
January 2008, Renos begin
About two days after closing, we got our first, of two bins delivered on our front lawn.

january 3
January 2008, Renos take over our lives
What would be one month of demo + renovations started right away, with the tearing down of the wall between two rooms to make 1 master bedroom. (Note – one of the bedrooms didn’t have a closet, so technically could it really be called a bedroom?)

january 4
Janurary 2009 – Walk off the stress of the last year….The following January (last year) we started off the year with a walk to the Beach and strolled along the boardwalk. A nice tradition that we try to keep up, if Aubrey’s work schedule allows (Working in the news means the hours aren’t so normal!) We weren’t doing many renos as we were saving up for the almighty basement renovation that we knew was coming up.

January 2009 – Winter Wonderland in Toronto
In mid January, this photo was taken…making me remember HOW much snow we had in Toronto, and how little we have right now.

january 5
January 2009 – Time to move everything from downstairs, up
And finally, we started to move boxes from the basement, into the dining room for the preparation of basement renovations. Although the reno wouldn’t start until a few months later (we wanted to make sure the snow was gone to make the removal of the concrete easier) it was a good idea to do the move of stuff upstairs organized so nothing got lost or broken.

January 2010 – We’re actually living in the house! 😉
And this year? I’m not allowed to do much moving of stuff as the bump is getting in the way, but in a few days we’ll have some pictures of some renos we’ve had to do in the nursery (minor reno stuff, but dirty none-the less) and the basement bathroom tiling project.

And now, I’m going to try to find my camera cord to actually upload pictures from our Holidays to show you! (How does this cord go missing so much!?)

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    January 2, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    I love to do that, too – think back over recent years. Last night Sam and I were remembering 10 years ago on January 1st. I was here in Ohio and he was visiting, getting ready to drive back home to Virginia. When we said goodbye that New Year's, the next time we would see each other would be the week of our wedding! 🙂 So fun to think back on that. New Year's Eve of 2000, my mom had every available container (including the bathtub) filled with water because she was **convinced** the change of the millenium was going to leave the entire world helpless.

    Thanks for sharing your trip down memory lane. It is so encouraging to look back and see what progress you've made, isn't it? 🙂

    Happy New Year!

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