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The back door, opposite side of the picture

Aluminum Siding. Whooo-hoo. So I know this isn’t really exciting in the world of decorating, but since I’ve shown you the new back door from the inside perspective …the outside needed a little addressing too.

When we tore out the back door we had to enlarge the opening for the new door. And the aluminum siding, as much as I would have loved to tear it all down and replace it with something different, had to be repaired. We couldn’t do the outside ourselves, you need aluminum benders and special tools for this type of work. So we hired out.

I couldn’t find the best before picture of the backdoor from the outside view. (Because it was so ugly, I never wanted to document it). But here is a picture from A LONG time ago where my kooky brother and Aubrey were hamming it up for the camera.

back deck 1
(Peter and Aubrey on the old deck, before we had a couch and privacy screen up)

Next came the demo…
back door 2
(The “during” phase, where Aubrey is tearing apart the back. )

And now…
back door1

We took off the flood light that was above the door, and we’ve purchased a nice new deck light that we will install this week. We also did some wiring so the rest of the deck will have some lighting for next summer.

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Who did the nice work? We hired Beach Aluminum & Fabricating Co. for the project (416-698-6743). Courtney, the man behind the business, is really quite nice and was honest about the scope of the project. Since it was a relatively “small” project for them, he told us he’d fit us in when he could, and true to his word, he showed up one day with his team. He called a few times to let us know he hadn’t forgotten about us, so we knew the job would get done.

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    November 30, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    It was nice of him to keep you up to date. That's the problem with small jobs, you always feel forgotten. Door looks lovely.

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