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Mock up of bookcase in spare room

So here is the plan for that bookshelf that you see in the Spare Bedroom.

The issue with the shelving is that it is built over a box. The “box” is above our staircase. So the base had to stay. We debated tearing the shelving down and making it a seating bench. But that would mean that we were going to get into major re-constructive surgery on this room. Secondly – the unit, actually with some TLC could provide some useful storage for the room. With a new coat of paint, it’s looking a lot better already.


The concept is
(1) Add an additional top shelf on the left for baskets/storage. You can’t reach up there easily, so it’s best to use it for maybe winter clothing storage, or when we have kids one day, storing random stuff.
(2) Beneath that, we will build 2 doors, that open to reveal “hanging” storage.

Although we have a closet in the bedroom, it’s small. So we’re going to utilize the space for more hanging space for clothes for guests etc.

It will really be a super easy project (What am I saying – Aubrey is the one that always has to do the measurements). But I think it will be much easier than the bookcase project I initially thought he could do. (We’re not going to have him do those…)

Like my little mock up? I even added some nice reading material for our overnight guests. 🙂

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    October 1, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    Nice mockup. Anywhere you can grab storage you should. And it is nice to give your guests hang up room, so they don't feel they have to rush off …:-)

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