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Garden Improvement, Chapter 4

The chain link fence on one side of our property got the heave-ho last week.

garden posts

It was time for a fence.

garden posts2

Here is a view from the kitchen window.


And here it is from the base of our stairs off the porch.


(And this was it before)

We had a guy come in to install the posts, and we took it from there. Right now we call it the “Great Wall” but with some planting next season, we’re confident that it will soften up. We still have to chop off the tops of the posts, and we’ll be installing post caps.

The beauty of the fence is that now we can be out in our garden in full on privacy. We’re not recluses or anything, but it was hard to enjoy the garden when you feel like you should make conversation with the other side. Sometimes you really just want to go out and enjoy your property, without feeling as though you should look decent. Now we have zen moments when we are weeding.

Next year we’re going to plant some cedars on the other side, to hide that chain link fence. We’re going to head back to Loblaws where they are $19.97 each…but they come in for a short amount of time, and we’ll be snatching a whole lot up. We bought them this season to hide our shed (that I posted about


) and they have lasted well, and add nice formality to the garden. I think they come in around Easter, so I’ll be waiting with my rented Home depot van to grab a whole bunch of them before they dissapear.

And there you have it. The great fence build of 2009. 🙂

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    September 17, 2009 at 2:20 am

    looks great, i'm very jealous. we have a chain link fence (in really bad shape too) and i'd love to update it someday… good idea to have someone install just the posts, i didn't think of that.

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    September 17, 2009 at 3:19 am

    Hi Katie! Our chain link fence was in really rough shape as well. It saved us a lot of money by having someone just install the posts 8ft a part instead of having them do the boards as well. Really, the rest of the construction is pretty easy to do, as long as you have a drill, screws, some time on your hand, and a second set of hands to help install the beams, making a fence is not that difficult. (Tiring, yes, hard, no)

    If you do go the route of hiring someone just for the posts, we found out (when sourcing quotes) that 90% of the trades charge you for the post installation, but don't actually "supply" the posts. The guy we found supplied us with the posts, which saved us having to rent a van to get them home. Just a tip for if you do it the way we did.


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