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Picking trim


Aubrey and I went to 4 different stores in search of the perfect trim for the basement. You think we’re nuts? Let me expain…

My dillema was this – A large decorative moulding with lots of curves and dents was going to be style-wise, TOO decorative. Something with a lot of curves – let’s say something “traditional” wasn’t going to work as it would also have a lot of shadows on the moulding because of the overhead pot lights.

Finally, our last stop – Lowes – had the perfect trim. (See picture). It has style, but itsn’t too decorative – and the way that the trim is cut, there is NO shadows being created. 🙂

I’m painting the trim as much as possible prior to it being installed. I propped them up on some paint cans.

And that, our dear readers, is what we did this weekend. 🙂

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