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Garden Improvement, Chapter 3

Here are some pictures of our backyard gate, and the story on how it came to be is below.

First is a picture of right before we took posession of the house. I’m slightly embarassed to show this junk picture, and wouldn’t have, unless it was to show you a “before”. But we had a vision, and we looked past the ghetto look. I’m still finding action figures burried in the lawn, missing heads and arms. The previous owners had a kid, who apparently liked to bury toys.

shed 1

December 2008

shed 2

August 4th, 2009

fence 3

August 5th, 2009

fence 4

August 5th – View from Parking Spot

fence 5

View from “inside” the garden

We have some visions for how this garden will take shape – we have some more plans up our sleeve, but for now, we’re basking in our new found privacy.


So here is the story of how it came to be, if you do care to know. 🙂

We’re blessed with the chain link fence around our house. Hate it. But – it’s a fence, and replacing it would be expensive. I recently reminded myself that not that long ago, we didn’t even have a backyard to call our own, so I should take delight in what we have. And I do. I love our backyard. 🙂

At the back of the house, where a chain link fence/gate seperated our garden from our back lane parking, the gate was always broken. The gate actually didn’t connect to the fence. So we pretty much had NO fence back there. It was also very open to the lane.

Although our house is at the VERY end of the laneway + we don’t get ANY traffic from other cars we have on a small number of occasions known of people using through our garden to get from the lane, to the street. I guess they get to the end of the lane, realize its a dead end, and the lazy suckers decide to trample though my lawn.

So for privacy issues, we decided that we’d bite the bullet and do that back gate.

We have so much on the go right now (business/careers/basement reno) that building a back gate was not something we could tackle ourselves out of pure exhaustion, so we hired this guy Mike. It was quick, it was painless, and it was done in 2 days. Checked that one off our list!

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