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pot lights + flooring

I can’t tell you enough how impressed I am with Aubrey, determined to do things on his own and figure things out. Part of that awesomeness is also knowing when to hire the experts (people to pour the concrete, do the new drains, and do the drywalling) but Aubrey was the one who broke up the concrete floor, moved it into bins into the back, and framed the basement as well as insulated it. And this evening, moments ago, I peeked downstairs and there he was installing our new pot lights! I’m soooo excited, and so impressed that he’s done this all.



Also, the flooring has been picked. People normally put carpet in basements, but we’re going with laminate, and here is the reason…

Our old apartment was carpeted and the constant rolling of my desk chair runied after three years the carpet under my desk. My concern was the same thing happening on a carpet installed in the basement, as this whole area is going to be my studio/office. So we’re going with laminate, but I’m getting an area run for under my desk.

Initially I was going to go with the Ikea Beech floor (VERY light wood colour), but then I started to think about how the studio was going to be designed with furniture, and I wasn’t loving the combination of a beech floor, with my love of dark wood furniture. However there was the concern that if I put a dark floor in, that it would make the space feel small. So what do you do to? You go to Home Depot and buy three different flooring colours and bring them all home and see what they look like “in person”. The darker wood looks FANtastic and eliminates the “Ikea’ look that I think you’d get by the Beech flooring.

We’re going with Traffic Master as a floor, and the colour is a Walnut. 🙂
I am SOOOO excited about this floor. It carries through the gorgeous colour that we had on our real wood floors upstairs.


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    Jennifer Stephenson
    July 25, 2009 at 11:44 pm

    Lindsay and Aubrey the basement is looking so nice! Lots of hard work! The pot lights look great and I love the dark wood! I can see the office/studio coming!

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    August 1, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    Thank you Jen!!! 🙂

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