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Basement Bathroom, Chapter 1 – Doing a shower stall

This evening, after working the 5am shift at work, Aubrey came home, napped, and then started adding in supports for the bathroom wall, where the stand up shower will be. We’ve decided to go with a 3pc bathroom in the basement. If we have overnight guests, they can stay in the basement and have their own washroom.

basment bathroom

There will be a pocket door installed in the bathroom, so that no floor space needs to be taken up with a “swinging door”. A traditional door would either have to swing into the bathroom (not enough room) or out into the main space of the basement, which although was possible, it eliminates alot of space for where you can put a desk, couch etc. So the pocket door is the best solution.

A magazine is actually coming to do a photoshoot of Aubrey installing the pocket door on Monday, so I’ll post some behind the scene pictures of that next week!

In the picture above, you can see that we moved the washer and dryer from the back of the house, to the front.

Although there is a new concrete floor, and all of the right plumbing in place, we had to do a slightly slanted shower base in the shower stall so that the water flows into the drain. You can buy pre fab shower bases that will run you about $500+, but for a little elbow grease, a lot less $, and some willpower and initiative, I’ve been told that you can do this yourself by layering concrete.


And so, Aubrey, the Master of figuring things out started to do this project.

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