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Garden Improvement, Chapter 2


Our shed was a beautiful mint green (AKA Seafoam Green) when we bought the house, and it also sported a really, really rusty roof as you can see in the picture above or


. It was also missing any doors to protect the contents from the elements, and the contents were fully on display for anyone to see. Our neighbours kindly even suggested that we may like to “remove” the shed. (It obviously was an eyesore to them) However, it provided REALLY great storage for winter months for our gardening supplies. Having a storage unit no matter HOW ugly, was a bonus. So instead of buying a new shed (not in the budget) I took to the task of beautifying it.

In April I took to priming the shed in Tremclad primer – this helps prevent rust, and also covers UP the rust. After that, I painted the shed in Benjamin Moore outdoor suitable paint. I’m not in love with the colour. (I made a mistake, it’s a bit too pinky in person) but it was so much better than the sea foam green. So I put the paint brush down and called it a day.

Remember that the doors were missing, and this exact shed style is out of production, so finding doors was not going to happen. I decided to go with the whole beach theme that the neighbourhood has going on (we’re considered by Google Maps, the Upper Beaches) so I bought white shower curtains from Ikea and hung them inside the shed so that the contents of the shed weren’t visible.

shed before and after

I finished it off by planting 3 cedars as you can see above, so when we look out our window from the house, we see the cedars – not the shed right away.


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    December 9, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    Hi! I've been looking through your archives and I love all the hard work you guys have put in your house! Great job!!

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    Nicole R.J.
    April 26, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    So glad you posted a link to this project in your recent backyard recap! My MIL was bemoaning her ugly shed this weekend and I was able to send her here!

    And congrats on the Style at Home inclusion!

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