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Garden Improvement, Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Our back deck looks over ALL of our neighbours, and it’s a bit ackward to enjoy the deck as you feel slighlt obtrusive as you can watch what’s going on in everyone elses backyard. I also didn’t really love that they could see ME when I wanted to go outside.

So the solution was a privacy screen! Because Aubrey had nothing better to do (Oh my god, I’m so kidding) he built an amazing, amazing privacy screen for our back deck. I think he finally caved because he wanted me to be quiet. With a little planning (Dad helped with sketches), Aubrey built all of this in one day. It was AMAZING and now makes the back deck enjoyable. It’s like having another room in a house.


We kind of splurged a few weeks later, when we found the-perfect-outdoor set at Rona. (Picture below – you can kind of see part of the sectional outdoor couch)

garden 2

It’s not the-perfect-colour, but it was most definitely the-most-comfortable I had ever sat on, and considering the prices of outdoor couches, it was reasonable. A few weeks later it went on for 20% off, and we went back and saved that difference too. 🙂

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