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Bathroom refinishing


Our main bathroom, located on the 2nd floor was initially thought to be something we’d tear out + redo during the first round of renovations. However, upon realizing (a) the cost and (b) the work involved we decided to table a full gut job on that bathroom and simply work with what we had.

We immediately repainted the bathroom (Cloud White, by Benjamin Moore) and installed a new light fixture (not shown) above the vanity. The floor was peel + stick (classy!) so we tore that up, and in the love of budget, replaced it with new peel & stick. (Even classier!) Hey – it works, and it’s fresh. 😉

The one thing we couldn’t fitx, however, was the state of the bathtub. No matter HOW much I scrubbed the bathtub, it was so, so dingy. I refused to have a bath in it. Bleh. Gross. Years of neglect caused the bath tub to be permanently look like a frat boys washroom. Again, we didn’t want to invest any huge amounts of money into the bathroom, as eventually, it WILL all be replaced. We heard about Bathtub refinishing, and after getting a few quotes, we ended up hiring Lou, from Loumerico bathtub refinishing. What they did, was they came in for 1 day, and painted ALL of the tile and the bathtub, making it look brand spanking new. We went with painting of the tile (you can see in the picture above) because yellow isn’t my favourite colour, and white is – so we gave him the go ahead to paint everything.

Here’s the thing – we know that it’s NOT forever. And it’s showing some signs of wear 7 months later. There is a warranty, but I’m not sure that I’m all that ready to call them back on it, beacause this is a banddaid solution until we can afford to redo this bathroom. But it works, and so it’s not a priority.

For those looking for a nice face lift for the bathroom, I’d HIGHLY recommend this route. 🙂

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