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Tree Thinning then Trimming, 2017

We picked up our tree from the Loblaws lot around the corner. Over the past few years I’ve taken to thinning the tree out. I’ve done this for two reasons. The first, it’s a preference in looks (I’m drawn to the more “I cut this tree down on my own” look as opposed to the huge full tree.) But the second reason I do this is because the less branches allows me to get more ornaments on the tree and the lights look better. I take my gardening shears and pick an area to work on, step back, assess, and then go back in and cut some more.

And some more….

The next step is to string the lights. I use 90% coloured lights and 10% white. (I’m making that % up. I don’t really know. But my tree is basically all coloured lights)

Charlie’s first Christmas! (Mak was being grumpy on the couch)

There are those 10% of white lights I was telling you about.

And then….

Excuse the pine needles, and the random wire hanging from the edge. It is not staged, nor a professional shot. It was taken while I sat on the couch drinking our pina coladas (Our new tradition) listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas Album, admiring our tree.

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My skincare routine that I LOVE

This post is 100% not sponsored. I was never given any samples free, any discounts – I bought this line 100% myself and love it. So knowing that…read on. 

This past Summer I was having coffee with my girlfriends Larissa and Patricia, and Patricia was telling us about a skincare system she using that she adored. It was in passing, and she just mentioned how much she loved it. Her skin is ridiculously beautiful, so I was intrigued by her recommendation. I wasn’t really originally paying attention, but she mentioned the brand, Rodan and Fields, and that it was by the doctors who came up with Proactive, and, that you buy it through a rep. I’m always hesitant to these things, but seeing her skin and doing some google on my own sleuthing, I was pretty surprised at the results that I was seeing. Patricia, loving the line, later became a rep herself a few months later.

So I decided to look into it. Some backstory — I sometimes felt like my skin felt “dull”. There was nothing overly wrong with it, except I felt like I needed to exfoliate ALL the time to get that pink dewy look. Which doesn’t work by the way, because I would aggravate my face. When I was asked about what kind of skin I had by Drug Store people, I’d shrug. I had NO idea. I waved my hands around my face and was like “give me back my youthful glow!”. I’d buy exfoliators, tones, and skin care lines – and spent a ton because I would try one line, then try another later. Things were piling up in my linen closet and on my vanity. Continue Reading →


Roundup | Amazing DIY Christmas Gifts…

Whipped Peppermint Cream Hand Scrub via A Beautiful Mess

Are you looking for some DIY gifts to give this year? Oscar and I started to make some this past weekend, which inspired this post.Whether you’re gifting handmade gifts with your littles, or, doing some highly detailed Martha Stewart like crafts, giving a gift that you’ve put your time and love into, is just as fun to make, as it is to  gift and, receive. Enjoy the roundup! xo Continue Reading →