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Breakfast Cookies

In our neighbourhood we used to have the loveliest little bake shop called, fittingly, the Beaches Bake Shop. Anna baked the best Swedish goodies and the little bakery was warm and inviting and Oscar spent his toddler years going with me on dates here to try Swedish Cinnamon buns, breakfast cookies and I would in turn enjoy some coffee in peace. Anna closed the bakery and is now in Sweden, but the memories of her bake shop are still strong in both our memories. A friend, Janice, posted a cookie the other day, and it was exactly the same cookie that Anna used to make in the bakeshop, and I immediately whipped some up and Oscar DEVOURED them. No flour. No sugar. No eggs. And yet – AMAZING. Here’s Janice’s post on Instagram.

1. Take 2 ripe Bananas and mush them up
2. Add 1.5 cups of Quick Oats (see my note below though)
3. Add some extras like chocolate chips, coconut flakes, cranberries
4. Roll into balls and flatten – bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes

Janice mentioned Quick Oats but I used these and it was totally fine!


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All things pets

We’re officially outnumbered with Pets. We have MakMak who is 16 (she has no instagram account. she refused), Charlie Pickles (turning 3!), Jake (Turning 1 in July) and two snails – Gary and Stephen, who could be 40 years old for all we know. But they are still kicking and loving their slow pace retirement home living in our house. (Sorry, no instagram account for those two either. They are painfully shy) So it should come as no surprise since we love our pets, that I do love some good accessory shopping for them all. Here is an easy peasy roundup of some things I have found and loved.


Fun Stuff

Leashes + Collars

Here are three products that I bought when Jake, our little chihuahua came home that have been SUPER helpful. The playpen is foldable. On a few occasions I had to be out of the house for the full day and my girlfriend Erin brought Jake to her house. The playpen was SUPER easy to pop up, so he had a space he felt was like home, but also a place that Erin could keep him in as a type of crate, if she needed to leave. We’ll use the pop up playpen a lot in the Summer I’m sure. The carrier looks silly, I suppose, but actually really has helped on longer walks with Jake if he gets tired (I mean, he’s super small) So either I, or Oscar, pop him in the carrier.

Things I have and love….

Oh and PS. Love this leash. 

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Let me mail a letter on your behalf

In an effort to keep spread some love in the best way I know how, I’ve launched a letter campaign over on You buy a card from (any card!) and I’ll mail it to whomever you want, with your handwritten message. I’ll pay the postage so all you have to do is enter the details from your laptop and in a few days, someone you love will get a hand written card from you in the mail. Visit here for more details.