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Serena & Lily Spring Design Event

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Heads up! Serena and Lily are having their Spring Design Event! Staring today, March 19, 2019 and through to March 25, 2019 you can get 20% off in stores and online with the code INSPO. We’re looking for outdoor furniture for our new back deck, so I have my eye on a number of pieces in their outdoor collection, and I’ve also always coveted the Carson side chair, and am considering them for the eat in kitchen when we revamp that in a bit.

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I’m always obsessed with the lighting options at Serena & Lily and above are some of my all time faves – some for the house, some for my imaginary beach house where the rattan would fit in for a Kennebunkport vibe. If you haven’t yet, do check out their outdoor collections because I am ob-sessed. 

Exclusions : final sale, gift certificates , art, limited-edition PUBLIC® C7 Bike

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Obsessed with Cabins

image via Cabin Porn

There was something about this past winter that made me itch to escape to a cabin in the woods. Winter in the city sucks. I hate it. But the winter, when you can explore nature and enjoy the quiet seems different.

Typically my nights at home would go like this —-  I’d lie in bed and browse MLS on my phone and save properties that I loved. I’d nudge Aubrey and show him. He’d nod patiently, having finally come to the realization that I wasn’t really suggesting we buy it. Before he had come to that realization there were notes of exasperation in his expressions (like um, we can’t afford that at ALL)

In my mind – Winter months would be spent snowshoeing the forest and having cozy fires. Then, in the summer time I’d move up there  and Oscar and I could spend hours upon hours walking trails, picking apples, or swimming. Sometimes it’s just fun to work through all the scenarios to think of what something could be like.

Reality is…. Aubrey works weekends, we have no extra funds to put into another property, and I can barely find time to mow my lawn (or water it) here in the city. Adding another property is not in our reality. However, as someone that can’t help designing / and coming up with ideas my my mind, I have come to the conclusion it’s much better to just go with the dreams and designing in my mind. It’s free, and fun, and  – well worth the hours spent browsing Pinterest.

I think the thing for me is that the interior of a cabin would be totally opposite than the feel of inside my city home. Here in the city, I like things to all have a place. Clean lines, white walls, it helps my mind stay focused. But I feel like a cabin, things could be left out. You don’t do white walls. You have big fluffy duvets and the covers don’t get tucked in. Plaids, stone and exposed wood. Books lying out everywhere, board games strewn on the kitchen table. Darker walls, cozier fabrics, and countless hours spent outdoors.

As much as I dream of having a cabin, I do need to confess I equally crave a beach front property (see where Aubrey’s exasperation comes from?) So one day I will post all my dreams on that. 😉

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Love cabins as much as I do? You can take a peek at more inspiration via my Cabin Pinterest board here. 

I should also probably get this book for my house. 

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At Home | New coffee table

We added a new coffee table to the living room and I’m in love. This is the coffee table I grew up with, sitting by as people gathered in my parents living room. I’d sit on the floor and put my head on my Moms lap, as she’d play with my hair. Originally purchased from @theartshoppeto– many, many moons ago it was at the heart of our family gatherings forever.

15 years ago this table was put in the garage when my parents did an extensive renovation to their home, and redecorated. This table has been in the garage ever since.

A few weeks ago, Aubrey and his brother in law flexed their muscles and moved this granite coffee table into our living room and it feels like it was always supposed to be here. We’ve already played Connect Four and Othello here, eaten dinner around it and had coffee dates by it.

Not only do I love the look in my home, I love that it remains in the family and will continue to be at the heart of family gatherings.

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Inspiration found

Pool Party White Chair | Sun Lounger | Teak Outdoor Chair | Terrazzo Coffee Table | Planters |

A new little series, because I’m always finding inspiration by what I come across. To kick it off, here’s some inspiration for my garden via Surfrider Hotel in Malibu.  I’m obsessed. (And I need to get here ASAP) Their use of light woods, whites, and concrete planters woos me. I’ve found some similar styles of decor at CB2.

Now to find some outdoor fireplaces like the one above.

Images via Surfrider Hotel Malibu