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New Front Porch – Details

Our deck was in desperate need of repair for the last bazillion years, but it was always being pushed to last on our to-do list. When the pandemic hit and we were all stuck at home, I think it drove Aubrey over the edge to see the carpet in tatters daily, so he ripped up the carpet in one foul swoop and we were left with a plywood deck – which was actually, an improvement over the carpet.  This isn’t the most design-inspiring post but I wanted to post it none the less, because I found it ridiculously hard to find simple front porch ideas in my search.

We had our handyman help us out with this project because we were juggling my work, Aubrey’ work and Oscar’s home school, so it was way easier to just get the manual labour outsourced. What we did was leave the plywood base, that was already there, and then lay 2×4’s over top, starting with under the door (see above) so that it all evened out as we went left to right.

We lay another 2×4 board at the front of the deck, running parallel to the house so that the boards didn’t just get “cut” at the end and we don’t see exposed end cuts.

The border piece I mentioned above, hung over the top of the deck ever so slightly, so that the front panels (that you see from the street) would be recessed. We installed these new vertical boards in the front and they were the same 2×4 boards as on the top.

Lastly. we added a final detailing piece above the vertical pieces. This was again, a 2×4 board, but we had it ripped so it was slightly less wide, so that it wasn’t as thick as the other pieces.

That’s it! I mean, it’s a super easy design, but gives you some points to consider if you do a porch. Also, I did weed between the stone pathway after the photos were taken. But it wasn’t a huge priority at the time of the photo. 🙂

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First Book Canada – Pick the Winning Design!

I am so thrilled to come back from my blog hiatus* to tell you about an AMAZING thing I’m taking part in. Back before the world shut down because of Covid, I met with the amazing team at Craft PR and First Book Canada, to talk about designing something amazing, to raise funds for First Book Canada.  First Book Canada was new to me, so I’m going to share with you some background on this amazing Charity.

“We harness the collective power of educators serving low-income children. Through our award-winning innovative and powerful distribution channels, the First Book Canada Marketplace and the First Book Canada National Book Bank, we effectively deliver resources to these low-income communities, from books to backpacks. Through our fast-growing network of educators, we identify and respond to unmet needs and ensure the right materials are reaching the right students.” First Book Canada

It’s an AMAZING charity, and here’s where it gets fun! Go to First Book Canada’s Instagram page and vote for which design of tote that you like. The winning design will be made into one of our deluxe Totes sold on The Penny Paper Co.’s shop, will all proceeds going to First Book Canada. Not only are you supporting an amazing organization but you get this pretty awesome book bag.

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So we’re in a pandemic still.

Woah. So, this whole Covid s**t messed up the first half of 2020, and pretty much my daily life, that I knew. Oscar is home, Aubrey is home, my work pretty much came to a complete standstill but then, I quickly pivoted out of necessity and actually found my groove in a new pivot for the business. (Sometimes great things come out of awful situations.) But that’s another post. But we’re doing ok, and have our health. But man, oh man, all of the ideas I had to have a happy scheduled series of posts here went out the window, the minute we were doing school from home. Have you even had time to READ blogs?

It has been so ridiculously fast paced for us, that I have obviously neglected this space. And yet, I have so much that would be so fitting to write about here on this blog. Hopefully you follow on instagram, as many of the projects I’ve written about there. But alas, if you don’t – don’t fret (I know you’re fretting, it’s a big deal right?) I will post here.

But a few updates. We’ve travelled to the cottage, done lots of little projects around the house, and have more on the horizon.

I’ve moved my office to the studio, and we’ve all played musical chairs, and moved Aubrey to my old office in the basement and are in the process of building Oscar a new desk area down there too. As a gift to myself for the new studio, I bought a vintage Safe-t Cup Light, that I’ve always wanted. (You can find them on eBay, and Etsy – though on Ebay I find the prices way more reasonable)

We’re redoing our siding on the back of the house (see above) and finding siding, and people to do siding has been the worst. Again, full blog post will follow – but the house hasn’t changed since this photo a few months ago. So you’re not missing any awesome updates.

I needed to rip off the bandaid and say hello, and do a post, but with a little summer vacation coming up I’m hoping to dedicate some hours to writing. Hope everyone is staying as sane as possible, healthy and relaxed.

xo Linds